First Friday Art Walk September 3, 2021

ART WALK: emphasis on ART and WALK. Ukiah is a very walkable town.

Join artists and their hosts for an evening of art, music and refreshments as you stroll from one venue to the next; each showcasing local art and artistry. Held in Historic Downtown Ukiah on the first Friday of each month, the First Friday Art Walk is the perfect way to relax your body, mind and soul. This enjoyable evening begins at 5:00 p.m. and promises to delight your senses; all while enjoying the company of others. For more information contact (707) 391-3664 

Corner Gallery 201 S State Street

The Ukiah Photography Club, founded in 2010 by Chris Pugh and Judy Judd, is a group of Mendocino County photographers with a range of styles, experience, and expertise.  The Club’s strength is in its diversity – professional and amateur, advanced and beginner, digital and film, color and black & white, documentary and artistic, landscape and studio, portrait and abstract, telephoto and macro, even Canon and Nikon.  Visitors are always welcome to the meetings.  For more information visit or contact Last year would have been our 10th Anniversary Show, but obviously it didn’t happen.  We are thrilled to be back in Corner Gallery Ukiah with photographs from seven of our members: Adel Clark, Kent Leland, Martin McClure, Tom Raymondson, Park Steiner, Volkhard Stürzbecher,  Chris Watt

Ukiah Valley Networking 104 N  School Street Tim Poma is no stranger to the Ukiah Art Walk scene. Tim will be showcasing brand new art as well as some of your favorites and prints for sale. Tim S. Poma is best known for his bright and colorful thrown and dripped paintings of landscapes, poppies, Volkswagens and abstract objects painted with latex house paint. Self-taught, Poma began painting as means of releasing emotions, specifically disappointment and frustration. Through his exploratory out bust of passion and a desire to create, Poma began throwing paint feverishly to alleviate his sadness, and in the process he found a joy he did not know existed. Poma has been painting ever since 2012 in the small Northern California town called Ukiah. Poma’s methods of creation include: dripping, smearing, throwing and finger-painting on canvas to get his desired look. He oftentimes uses tools such as a palette knife or a paint stir-stick to help with the creation of a given painting, and rarely uses paintbrushes but is not opposed. Although Poma was never formally trained as an artist, he has had several influential art teachers in his life who helped inspire his path as an artist. From his Color and Composition teacher at Mendocino College, Paula Grey, to his Ceramics teacher Doug Browe, each left a lasting impression on him that still inspires him today.Annie RuygtAnnie is an author and illustrator working in Northern California. She makes picture books and is the creator of the Spacious Tarot Deck, and sometimes you can find her making comics on Patreon. When she’s not working, she loves being outside, birding, spending time with friends and family, and gearing up for her next trip. You can contact her via her website.  Annie will be on site to do tarot card readings and autograph books. 

Art Center Ukiah 201 S State StreetArt Center Ukiah is hosting “Salon d’Automne” for the month of September. It will be a brand new experience for art lovers and thinkers in Ukiah, but the concept arises from a historic Parisian tradition, according to Kate Gould, the show curator.Kate’s research indicates that the Salon originated in 1667 when Louis XIV sponsored an exhibit of the works of the members of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture. The salon derives its name from the fact that the exhibition was hung in the Salon d’Apollon of the Louvre Palace in Paris.
During the Enlightenment in 19th-century France, the Salon became the official annual art exhibition in the country. Artists had to be invited to participate, and inclusion indicated that your art had won the attention of the greatest thinkers or politicians, and even royalty.Kate continues to explain that for almost 150 years (c. 1740-1890), the Salon was the most prestigious art event in the world. This is where all of the greatest artists of the day would show off their work, and where French society would gather to debate art and culture. Conversation was the main focus, and through the unprecedented discussion among different social ranks and orders, salons helped to break down social and intellectual barriers and brought the nobles and bourgeois together in new ways.The French salon was also a key institution in which women played a central role. Salons provided a place for women and men to congregate for intellectual discourse. In a male-dominated society, women served as the hostesses, decided the agenda of topics to be discussed, and regulated the conversation. This led to reduced marginalization of women in Paris. The emergence of salons allowed for leadership and involvement for women in intellectual areas in Paris in the early 18th century.Kate notes that every October, the Salon d’Automne (“Autumn Salon”) continues to pop up on Paris’ celebrated Champs-Élysées. Here, artists from all walks of life are invited to exhibit fine art, decorative objects, and photography. In that tradition she proposed the idea of Ukiah’s own autumnal Salon show.The Ukiah experience, according to Kate, will be significantly different from18th century Paris. Entries in the Ukiah show were open to all members of the public, and female artists will be represented at least equally with their male counterparts. Similarities, Kate points out, are that viewers can expect to find gallery walls crowded with fine art in a variety of media, touching on a multitude of themes. The other hoped-for similarity is that the art will instigate lively conversations among groups of viewers. Participating artists include Kate Gould, Jazzminth Moore (new art teacher at Mendocino College), Holly Brackmann, Sue Sweet, Margo Frank, Daphne Alexander, Kirsten Ganzel, Tamsen Donner, Jeanette Carson and Jan Hoyman, Polly Palecek and Laura Fogg. Many others are still expected to contribute their work to the show.The First Friday opening of Salon d’Automne is September 3 from 5-8 at Art Center Ukiah (located in the back of the Corner Gallery). The show will continue through the month of September. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday between 11 and 5.

The Grace Hudson Museum 431 S Main StreetMake the Museum one of your stops on Ukiah’s First Friday Art Walk. We’ll be in between exhibitions, but check out our core galleries and take a stroll in the Wild Gardens. We hope you will patronize one of Ukiah’s restaurants and eateries during your art walk.

Ukiah Valley Youth Leadership Coalition at 110 N School StreetThe Ukiah Valley Youth Leadership Coalition presents art made from Nitrous Oxide container litter. Our headquarters are at The Arbor on State Street. 810 North State Street, Ukiah, CA 95482The artists are the Youth Leadership Coalition members. The youth have been cleaning up Nitrous Oxide canisters throughout the county, and this art show will raise awareness about the environmental and health issues stemming from inhalants like Nitrous Oxide. Come and meet the youth working on this project and hear more about Nitrous Oxide use and the impact on our community. 

Paradigm Shop 312 N School StreetVisit the patio at Paradigm to see the latest work from multi-media artist Nate Valensky. 

Medium Art Gallery 522 E Perkins StreetLight and Dark Themed Art Exhibit Opening Reception Friday, September 3rd 5:00-8:00 PM Show will be up through October 31st.Gallery hours are Friday 12-8, Saturday 12-6, and Sunday 12-4. Light & Dark is an invitation to explore duality; an unflinching look at life and death, good and evil, power struggles, contrast and diverse perspectives in various forms. Light & Dark will be an art exhibition that serves as an opportunity to create conversation, connection, and catharsis.

RHYZL at 118 S. State st. is a development and land entitlement company, owned and operated by Craig Mountain, a life long Mendocino county resident. He is opening RHYZL up to also showcase local artists and their work, including his own. RHYZL will have live painting and live music, as well as covid safe refreshment offerings. Jazzminh Moore will be Friday’s featured artist. Craig will be showing some of his recent creations as well. 
Lonnie Lopez a Ukiah resident and accomplished muralist will also have his painting of RHYZL’s front window complete for Fridays art walk. 

Craig Mountain is a multitalented artist living in the mountains of Willits where he has a small organic farm and dairy with his wife and son. He is the owner of RHYZL in Ukiah, a development and land entitlement company. He is an artist at heart and his passions range from painting/sketching to fine wood working and music. Craig sees the the magic and possibility in all aspects of life and strives to bring that forth in all he does. He is a modern day wizard. 
Jazzminh Moore
Jazzminh Moore currently lives in Willits, where she is raising her six-year-old daughter. She teaches art at Mendocino College and La Vida Charter School.
Before moving to a small rural community, Jazzminh lived and worked in New York City for years, focusing on her art career. She was represented by Claire Oliver Gallery and before that, Lyons Wier Gallery. She also curated exhibitions, attended international art fairs and brought the arts to underrepresented communities through her work with Time-In Children’s Arts Initiative. 
Jazzminh has been making acrylic painting on birch panel for nearly two decades. Her work is generally figurative, capturing wind-swept moments and in-between expressions in portraits of close friends. Recently, she has incorporated collage into her practice.
Jazzminh has had solo exhibitions in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris, and been featured in various publications, including Whitewall Magazine, New York Times, New American Paintings, ArtVoices, Interview and Zingmagazine. Moore holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and MFA from California State University, Long Beach.
For this Friday’s Ukiah Art Walk, Jazzminh will be showing a selection of prints and collages spanning the last ten years.