Ukiah First Friday Art Walk – November 3rd 2017

Please pick up a raffle entry at any of these locations to be entered to win a gift basket from a participating merchant.


Corner Gallery

“MCAA 2017 Student Retrospective” Some of the artwork from instructors and students who participated in our 2017 education program will be on display the entire month of November. Monoprinting, Felting, Beading, Watercolor, Oils, and Plein Aire at Rancho Mariposa, and Plein Aire with Tom Zephyrs was focus of workshops. Instructor art includes Tom Zephyrs, Ursula Partch, Nancy Collins, Clark Mitchell and Kate Gould.

201 S State Street

Art Center Ukiah

A Celebration of the Mushroom, Beer and Wine Festival in Mendocino County.
“Farm to Table Mendocino Bounty” Local artists featured works art of the harvest. A locally
produced foods and products tastings and display. Live music with Steve Hahm.

201 S State Street


presents the exhibition of works by Chat Ko whose oeuvre spans over five decades. These evocative works are from around the 90s when Ko was confronting his “midlife” anxiety. Viewers are invited to see with introspection.

The Enoteca Wine Bar is located at 106 West Church Street.

Grace Hudson Museum

Celebrate the opening of our latest exhibit featuring the glass work of Mendocino County artists Jeanette Carson, Sean Cramblett, Kale Haschak, Scott Hegan, Erika Kohr Island, Yorgen Kvinsland, Cynthia Myers, Elizabeth Raybee, Ferdinand Thieriot and Jonah Ward. Refreshments. Free.

Highlighting contemporary art glass from master craftspeople throughout Mendocino County, this group show surveys the diversity of the medium. The featured artists use techniques ranging from kiln forming, cold work, sandblasting, and classic Venetian glassblowing, to computer-aided design and “painting” with molten glass. It includes Jeanette Carson‘s lovely stained glass pieces inspired by nature; Sean Cramblett‘s richly-colored and textured glass sculptures and wall art; Kale Haschak‘s modern sculptural pieces, and blown glass using traditional Italian techniques; Scott Hegan‘s delicate blown vessels and mille fiori work; Erika Kohr Island‘s charming small-scale glass sculptures; Yorgen Kvinsland‘s dynamic mixed media pieces; Cynthia Myer‘s lyrical sand-carved art glass; Elizabeth Raybee‘s eclectic glass mosaics; Ferd Thieriot’s compelling fragile glass sculpture; and Jonah Ward‘s “drawings made with glass.” Developed by the Grace Hudson Museum.

431 S Main Street



208 S State Street

Gratitude Hair Designs

Lizbeth Rembetski Brown and I am an American Manga artist.
I was born and raised in the East Bay Area of California. I took an interest in Japanese comics (Manga) and animation (Anime) when I was in fourth grade. When I drew people, I loved blending that look with styles I had seen before in American animation and comics, and I never looked back.

I started drawing when I was 3 years old and started drawing comics when I was 4.
Until I was old enough to read and write, my parents would read comics to me from the newspaper and explain what the pictures meant – the body language, visual cues, and why the strips were funny (or not). My parents started giving me comic books and graphic novels. They introduced me to science fiction novels, fantasy movies, and the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

These interests and hobbies helped me feel empowered by the ability to create my own world from scratch. My gallery art is an expression of that. I like to use images of creatures inspired by fantasy and magic lore. I use these concepts as a base to experiment with color and the natural textures of paint and multimedia. Each piece has elements and techniques I have practiced and built on for a long time, but I regard each piece as an opportunity to take a risk and try something I haven’t tried before. This outlook makes each piece unique, and uniquely flawed in a beautiful way.

If you let your eyes wander, you may be able to discern the “young part” of the painting, where I first experimented with something new, and the “practiced part” where the new thing I tried becomes more refined and fleshed out. I always start with a clear concept, but with no clear end result in-mind. My paintings make themselves up as I go along and I let the paint do the talking.

If you enjoy my work, you can find more of it on my website, along with my comics at:

309 W Perkins Street

Toppers Salon

Come and see our art work by Gini Hoover and meet our talented stylists.

301  N School Street

Ukiah Massage and Ukiah Valley Networking Agency

Emma Reed will be the guest artist at this months art walk. Emma has created one of a kind inspiration pieces to support the fire survivors of the recent Mendocino Complex Fires.

304 N State Street

Ukiah Public Library

will be having photography by David Weitzman (mostly black and whites), as well as live music by Stephen Winkle, a book sale, and Felt Leaf Barrette Crafting

105 North Main Street

W Real Estate

Jim McKell and his wife Marie have lived in Ukiah since 1969. He taught Art and Pottery either at Pomolita or Ukiah High School for 35 years. Since retirement in 2004, he continues to paint and make pottery—when not traveling or spending time with their 8 children and 33 grandchildren. He loves the beauty of this area—the redwoods and vineyards and the advantage of being close to the coast. These are the source and inspiration for his paintings. He paints mostly in oils, but also uses acrylics and watercolor. You can find more of his work at on the web and on his facebook site Jim McKell Art Studio.

Megan McKell Carson, born and raised in Ukiah, grew up in a home that encouraged creative expression. Through her childhood and teenage years, she was involved in music lessons and classes, and learned about art informally from her artist father, Jim McKell. During her last semester of university studies, she discovered a new passion when she took her first oil painting class. Since then, Megan has continued to work with various media, painting with her Dad almost weekly for the last couple of years. Megan primarily enjoys painting landscapes of our beautiful Ukiah valley and scenes from time she spent in Italy.

Megan loves spending time with her husband, Marc, and their three children- Ben, Hugh, and Lucy. Their home is filled with art projects and they hope to foster a home environment that passes on a legacy of creative expression.


For more information please call Maureen Mulheren – 304 N State Street Ukiah CA 7073913664 cell. You can also find the Ukiah First Friday Art Walk on Facebook for the most up to date list of venue openings

Other galleries

Alchemy Tea House, 328 N State Street

Bona Marketplace, 116 W Standley Street

Canova Records, 246 N State Street

Craftsman Distillers. 108 W Clay Street

Craftsman Estate Jewelry and Pawn, 306  N State Street

Mendocino Barkery, 102 West Church

Namaste Café, 227 N State Street

Paradigm, 312 N School Street

The 304, 304 N State St.

The Parlour, 211 South State Street

Ukiah Photography, 304 N State Street

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