Ukiah First Friday Art Walk – September 1st 2017

Please pick up a raffle entry at any of these locations to be entered to win a gift basket from a participating merchant.


Art Center Ukiah

“PEACE” a Celebration of International Peace Day is the focus of the art exhibited at Art Center Ukiah. Local artists will show works related to peace, paintings, mosaics, sculpture and photographs. International Peace Day is September 21st.

201 S State Street

Bona Marketplace

featuring a watercolor artist Kay Heath and another artist Keith Hendricks. We will also have Deborah Knowles doing a chilled tea tasting of green teas from China.

116 W Standley Street

Corner Gallery

is featuring musician Steve Winkle.

Featured in the front window of the Corner Gallery is the Ukiah Photo Club.
Participants: Jack Booth, Adel Clark, Judy Judd, Chris Pugh, Tom Raymondson, Lillian Rubie
Bernadette Straub, Volkhard Sturzbecher, Manya Wik.
Club website:

201 S State Street


will be featuring Textiles from the Folks a private collection gathered from many parts of the world.

The Enoteca Wine Bar is located at 106 West Church Street.

Grace Hudson Museum

Special Preview Reception for the Museum’s new summer exhibit, “California’s Wild Edge.” Capturing the beauty of the California shoreline, artist Tom Killion’s Japanese-style woodcut prints combine exquisite color with dynamic composition to portray the coast’s ever-changing moods. Complementary writings by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder and other California authors are included. The exhibit is supplemented with a few traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcuts once owned by Frank Lloyd Wright from the Placer Partners collection.

431 S Main Street

Gratitude Hair Designs

Vicki’s artist shares her thoughts in her own words, join them and meet her in person. “I, Samia, am an Artist and Medicine Woman. I use my understanding of both practices to drive my photography, providing a unique opportunity for artistry and therapeutic, intuitive healing while capturing the light and love within us all.

During my travels I have become intimately connected with raw, unfiltered humanity. The camera, as an extension of myself, helps me capture the true nature of the human soul, the purity of its light and the mysterious qualities of its pain. I am able to empathize with my subjects on an ethereal level, creating a trust that allows them to be vulnerable and free of judgement. There are no words to describe what is happening when I photograph. It is like we have known each other since the beginning of time, transcending to another stage of life.
My main focus has been capturing the magic of festivals, gatherings, events and the devastating allure of daily life. My photography is dedicated to the healing of the world and its people.
Amour “

309 W Perkins Street


will be hostessing Bobby Cochran and his amazing portrait and landscape photography. Last year this was our most well attended Art Walk, and this year Bobby is back with even more photos from his travels and his music tours.

312 N School Street

TAPS – The Art & Performance Studio

Stop by and see the wonderful creations this group has on display.

203 S State Street

Ukiah Massage and Ukiah Valley Networking Agency

will host Janet Rosen. Here is more information from Janet about her art “Why make art? For many of us it is a way to mediate reality, to integrate and make sense of the world and then put it “out there” for others to experience. My aim is to create a narrative with enough space for the viewer to enter and find their own story. I enjoy working in series, some of which may be completed within weeks while others encompass years of intermittent work. Most projects end up being meditations on time, whether it’s capturing the play of light on moving water, the distortion of time created by illness or isolation, the passage of the sun and the seasons across an oak-studded hill, or the temporary of the human life span. While I work loosely from reference photos, the finished piece could be very different. Each one has its own unifying rhythm and interior logical space that has to be explored through improvisation. I lose my way, painting intuitively and without stepping away from the canvas for long intervals. This process, given time and openness, lets the painting manifest itself; all that’s left is to watch it closely, pay attention to it, and then polish the details. “

304 N State Street

Toppers Salon

Come and see our art work by Gini Hoover and meet our talented stylists.

301  N School Street

Ukiah Photography

Local Photographer Lino Reed will be sharing his latest work from local events and business owners.

304 N State Street

Ukiah Public Library

On Friday, September 1st from 5:00pm to 7:30pm, the Mendocino County Library, Ukiah Branch is hosting Watercolor Resist Techniques: a Hands-on program. Find inspiration while viewing the display of Ukiah Valley Artists’ Coop and have fun playing with easy watercolor resist techniques.

Enjoy live music with Julia and Cliff Landis of Ruby Mountain String Band and yummy eats.

This event is family friendly, free to the public and sponsored by the Ukiah Valley Friends of the Library.


105 North Main Street

W Real Estate

will be hosting Shelbi Miller, stop by and meet the agents and their artist to hear more about what they are up to.

101 N State Street W Real Estate

Other galleries

Alchemy Tea House, 328 N State Street

Canova Records, 246 N State Street

Craftsman Distillers. 108 W Clay Street

Craftsman Estate Jewelry and Pawn, 306  N State Street

Mendocino Barkery, 102 West Church

Namaste Café, 227 N State Street

The 304, 304 N State St.

The Parlour, 211 South State Street