June 2018 First Friday Art Walk

June First Friday Art Walk in Ukiah


Corner Gallery 201 S State Street   Featured artists will be Maria Elena Garcia Botero and Gloria Simmonds and also students from Adele Pruitt’s oil painting class who focused recently on painting waterfalls.Maria Elena Garcia Botero is visiting from Columbia.  Her paintings focus on the poetic and scientific nature of the universe.  She has shown her work extensively in South America and the United States. Her friend, Gloria Simmonds, will be displaying some of her feng shui mosaic mirrors.The members of Adele’s class are Irene McFarland, Jan Byland, Lois Gray, Ginger O’Shea, Polly Palecek, Kathalene Kephart, Lynn Gulyash, and Dean Burke. “These works were created by a genuine interest in the Universe and its scientific and poetic content.” My work is inspired by the world around us and the daily visions I perceive – Sometimes it is resolved as a magical reality, sometimes as an abstraction.I am always interested in the color, shape, and interrelation of space and the different planes.I try to capture the internal kinetics of matter and the vibration of bright color, is a way of capturing and describing this structure.Each work is developed by a hand-brain dialogue of instant associations and decisions that connect different elements – to build and de-construct in an innovative way. The works contain visual symbols that are part of the universal code. When the human figure is present as a character, he appears as an inevitable observer and always correlated to his inner world. The Cosmic landscapes are inspired by the constant expansion of the Universe. During the initial explosion (Big Bang) light travels in all directions, through enormous distances and at high speed, as sources of different origins: intercepting and reflecting each other, reaching immense spaces in the void. In its passage the light I create radiation, fires, clouds and smoke that long afterwards when cooling formed precipitations and condensations; later they solidified like matter in movement, ordering itself in immense celestial bodies, some surrounded by fragmentos.De there they were planets, where appeared primitive organisms that later evolved to forms more complex like animal and finally arrived at the man.  The matter in its initial expression is Light, superimposed in multiple dimensions, that is entering and leaving in different planes. Light creates an infinite cosmic dance, where matter and spirit are a single ocean of love;full of infinite possibilities in the conscious evolution of life.


Art Center Ukiah 201 South State Street hosts “Artist’s Under 30” Juried art exhibit.  Local emerging young artists will exhibit drawings, photographs, paintings and sculpture. Reception with refreshments and a live music by Steve Hahm 5 pm – 8pm. Exhibit June 1 – June 29



Grace Hudson Museum   431 S Main Street NOW ON VIEW: Beauty and the Beast:
California Wildflowers and Climate Change 
For over 20 years, award-winning Marin photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter have produced exquisite photographs of California wildflowers that connect us to the beauty of the Golden State while raising awareness of threats that natural habitats face from climate change. The exhibition spotlights flowers associated with the state’s many geographic regions, the photographic techniques involved in capturing these delicate subjects, and the expanding impact of human activity on wild spaces. A sampling of Grace Hudson’s wildflower paintings will also be on display.

W Real Estate 101 N State Street Phoenix Che is an abstract expressionism artist based in California. Originally from Alhambra, CA, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Studies from Humboldt State University. Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s free-flowing drip paintings and Clement Greenberg’s modernist ideas, Che’s work relieved the stress of perfectionism through the use of mixed-medium tools and freely accept the possibility of painting in-the-moment. Her work can be seen through a series of non-representational, abstract expressionism, and contemporary. “When I was young, I accepted the idea that every notions, objects, and form is a work of art. I never believed in perfectionism. My appreciation for art  pertains to everything I could imagine and perceived through my senses. I am not limited to one label or techniques; my intention as an artist is to connect with people and the universe through art. To represent a form of energy that is collectively interconnected with all mankind, nature, earth, and living things, that is translated into a substance. To be in the presence of here and now.” -Che


Ukiah Massage 304 N State Street This show features pieces by Cassidy Kennedy, a local Mendocino artist and speech language therapist.  A graduate of California State University, Northridge with a master’s degree in Communication Disorders.  Artwork is a manner of expression for herself and her many clients when words do not suffice or are inadequate.  She has lived and worked as a speech-language therapist in our community for many years.  Residing in Mendocino has provided ample natural inspiration.  Previously, she has worked in the areas of photography, origami, classroom art & craft lessons with children, set design for school plays, and murals.  Current art work is a relatively new technique that was explored over the last year and a half.  Each piece featured in this collection has been done in a mixed medium known commonly as “liquid pour painting”.  It is a combination of substances including acrylic paint, glue, and silicon, and sometimes the stray hair.  Prior to that the canvas has been treated with in order to ensure the canvases lasting longevity.  Multiple layers of paint are combined in vessels and then poured upon the canvas and moved via inertia to cover the entire canvas.  Heat is applied to increase multiple layers and cells to create a visual pop of multiple colors.  After producing each piece allowed to dry for several days with a final step of adding a layer of matte or gloss finish to give protection from color fading.


Paradigm 312 S School Street We will have June 1st Chloe Dumont and her Wild Bunny series of ceramic sculptures and Betty Torres will be here giving aromatherapy treatments.


Ukiah Public Library  105 North Main Street  This First Friday we are featuring the paintings of Charles Montgomery.  Dogs and jazz musicians are the main themes of Montgomery’s art work on display at the library for the month of June.  Patrons will also enjoy creating their own works of art from upcycled CDs. Live music will be by The Buds and refreshments will be provided.



Museum of Encountered Objects 110 W Clay St will have 3 anonymous 24″ bronze fully empowered Sino-Tibetan Buddhist statues of uncertain date and provenance. They have unusual presence.

Bona Marketplace 116 West Standley Street Pete Castro for June a local mixed media abstract painter. And Knox Gillespie will be reading palms.


Palma Properties 487 N State Street Ryan McCarthy is a native of California and for the last decade resided on the central coast of California and Mendocino County. His photography covers a broad spectrum of styles and content, ranging from documentary and street photography, to landscape and nature as well portraiture. Ryan’s work is heavily influenced by life and culture of the region and inspired by his love of nature and the beauty that is California. Ryan works in all photographic mediums including 35mm, medium and large format analog photography as well as historic and alternative processes. Ryan is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography and has earned degrees in Fire Technology, Art Photography, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and a Historic and Alternative Photographic Processes Skills Certificate amongst others. Ryan is currently working on several series including The Potter Valley Project, that is continuing to evolve and grow. Ryan’s original ties to Mendocino are through connections to Potter Valley. Ryan worked in Willits and lived on a family farm in Potter Valley for a period. During this time the idea for the project was born after a day at the river during the drought and deep thought about the relationship between the people, the place, and the water. The idea for the project is simple in essence, “In 1900 construction began on the Potter Valley Project, delivering water from the Eel River to the Russian River. The Potter Valley Project gave rise to the place. These are the people.” The purpose of the project is to create a visual archive and short history of the people and culture of Potter Valley and the surrounding area. Ryan photographs all subject using a large format camera on 8×10 black and white film. Ryan will be continuing to photograph anyone interested in participating that lives in Potter Valley or the surrounding area and showing the collection in the future.





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