May First Friday Art Walk

ART WALK: emphasis on ART and WALK. Ukiah is a very walkable town.Join artists and their hosts for an evening of art, music and refreshments as you stroll from one venue to the next; each showcasing local art and artistry. Held in Historic Downtown Ukiah on the first Friday of each month, the First Friday Art Walk is the perfect way to relax your body, mind and soul. This enjoyable evening begins at 5:00 p.m. and promises to delight your senses; all while enjoying the company of others. All County Health Orders will be followed.  For more information contact (707) 391-3664

Medium Gallery 522 E Perkins StDeep Valley Arts Collective presents Pastel Flower Drawing WorkshopWith Linda Tucker All ages welcome Come create a pastel drawing of a flower with Linda from Wild Child Creative Arts Studio as your guide. Just in time for Mother’s Day! Materials will be provided. Free event. Also in the gallery: “What Inspires You?” the current exhibition at the gallery, a youth show of artists 18 and under, on display until May 22nd.

W Real Estate 101 N State StreetW Real Estate is proud to introduce Heather Davidson-LopezShe’d like to share more about her art history with you. “My family moved to Ukiah in either 1982 or 83. In 1985 we relocated once again, to Willits. Where I remained until I moved to the  bay area in 1991. 2009 reconnected with my sweetheart from high school which brought me back home to Mendocino County in 2010. In 1995 visited the beautiful Carmel ca, where I purchased my first real Piece of art. The painting is called Morning light in Valbonne” by Leonard Wren. That painting started my love and admiration of art.All these years later. it’s still proudly hangs in my home. March of 2020 was asked to attend a work related conference in Washington D.C..  Was Elated with opportunities to see everything, made a detailed museum itinerary for afternoons  following the conference.  My second afternoon I visited the National Gallery of art. No words can explain the emotions I felt seeing, pieces by De Vinci, michealanglo, Botticelli among many others. At last I had located the exhibits that had been placed years ago on a lengthy bucket list, rooms 43 and 44.  Entering these rooms, time stood still. Van Gogh’ s self portrait staring back me. As if he was saying ” you’re finally home!” As I stood in front of a painting by Monet, my heart and soul so filled that I wasn’t aware of the tears rolling down my cheeks, until a woman handed me a tissue.  Saying words that have left a lasting impression” You have art in your heart, I felt the same way my first time”. Mendocino County was placed on locked down shortly after returning home. With nothing better to do, just went for it. picked up art supplies, read and watched anything I could on the great artists of the past. Everything I create Mixed media and a vary of surfaces are always used,  breaking many rules in the professional art world. My concern isn’t rules but, how something feels. Each stroke comes from heart and soul.

Bona Marketplace 116 W Standley StreetBona Marketplace has  a show called “A few of my favorite things “, in watercolor and acrylic by Cottie Morrison and joining her will be Jeanne Kennedy  with Paper, Found Fabric, and ‘Tex Tiles’.   

Corner Gallery and Art Center Ukiah  201 S State Street13th Annual Student Photography Show  “Transitions” May 6 – May 31 2022 May is the month  high school photography students take over both the front windows of the Corner Gallery and the back space belonging to Art Center Ukiah. The theme of this year’s show is “Transitions.” Lech Slocinski, Ukiah High photography instructor “We are transitioning from film to digital, and from professional cameras to everyday cell phones. It’s democratization of the medium and it gives everybody a chance.   Now that we are coming back from COVID with too many years of kids being online using cell phones constantly, I want to give my students a way to improve their game. Kids take photos all the time and post them, and a lot of the pictures aren’t interesting. Why not teach them to get better at it by learning the basic art skills to do good composition, patterns, line, color and shapes? It’s a tool that’s easy to use so if you develop your eye the images can be great.” Photographs  range from classic 8 x 12” to multiple 5”x 7” photos both color and black and white images.  Take a peek into the view of the young transitional generation.

Mural Celebration- Church Street between Oak and School StreetLauren Sinnott shares; I am an artist, historian and former politician. Also I love western boots.My career crown jewel, the huge historical narrative mural on the north wall of the Ukiah Valley Conference Center, is the result of these threads interweaving. I can use all those hours of life drawing, all of that house painting, my knowledge of narrative art through the centuries, and my experience working with the community in administration. This is a public work for everyone and about everyone. It contains over two-hundred portraits, and tells many stories of people who live here now. People can see why this art has meaning. They understand the argument I once presented to a dear friend over dinner:“You will be fascinated,” he was informed, looking doubtful as he questioned art history and the importance of such things. “History is to humanity as memory is to the individual,” I said. We are each of us walking backwards into the future, seeing only the present and past.“Would you want to do that with your eyes shut?” My companion smiled, saw it was true, and ordered champagne.

Ukiah Library 105 N Main StreetCome enjoy an exhibit by Rose Easterbrook, titled “The Comfort of Home.” Also live eclectic vibe music by Kim Monroe, and collage crafting materials will be available for in-person crafting or as a Take & Make. There will be a book sale by the Friends of the Library, Ukiah Valley.

Paradigm 312 N School StreetTim has spent the last year working on several important community murals; one at the Ukiah Skate Park and one on Perkins Street along the Great Redwood Trail. Stop in at Paradigm to hear from Tim. Tim Poma is no stranger to the Ukiah Art Walk scene. Tim S. Poma is best known for his bright and colorful thrown and dripped paintings of landscapes, poppies, Volkswagens and abstract objects painted with latex house paint. Self-taught, Poma began painting as means of releasing emotions, specifically disappointment and frustration. Through his exploratory out bust of passion and a desire to create, Poma began throwing paint feverishly to alleviate his sadness, and in the process he found a joy he did not know existed. Poma has been painting ever since 2012 in the small Northern California town called Ukiah. Poma’s methods of creation include: dripping, smearing, throwing and finger-painting on canvas to get his desired look. He oftentimes uses tools such as a palette knife or a paint stir-stick to help with the creation of a given painting, and rarely uses paintbrushes but is not opposed. Although Poma was never formally trained as an artist, he has had several influential art teachers in his life who helped inspire his path as an artist. From his Color and Composition teacher at Mendocino College, Paula Grey, to his Ceramics teacher Doug Browe, each left a lasting impression on him that still inspires him today.

Grace Hudson Museum 431 S Main StreetThe unique, entrancing sounds of songwriter and musician Clay Hawkins will fill the galleries. Using rapid-fire, finger style slide guitar and honest, heartfelt songwriting, Hawkins creates a sensibility at once ancient and modern. This will also be the last weekend to see the Museum’s current exhibition, The Art of Collecting: New Additions to the Grace Hudson Museum, which closes on May 8. Also, check out our core galleries devoted to Grace Hudson’s artwork, Pomo basketry, and the history of the Hudson-Carpenter family. Additionally, the weather promises to be perfect for a spring evening stroll through the Wild Gardens, currently abloom with poppies and other wildflowers. And Little Bear will delight with his popular table of Native American tools and toys. Light refreshments will be served.  For more information please go to or call (707) 467-2836.

We hope you enjoy the First Friday Art Walk, if you’ve missed this one please make sure you mark your calendar for next month! If you have questions about the Art Walk please contact Mo Mulheren at 707-391-3664 or email her at

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